How to Make the Most of a Night Hike

Categories: Night Hike Program

Please use this information to help you prepare for your wonderful night hike on our trails.

How to Make the Most of a Night Hike 

1. Dress for the trail. Wear sturdy shoes with treads and clothes that make sense for the weather. Comfort is king and layers are your friend.

2. Turn off lights. Bring a flashlight, but try leaving it off and leave those cool light up shoes at home. Turn off your cell phone ringer and listen in.

3. Use your ears. Nature has a lot to say at night. The less we talk, the more we hear. Turn your cell phone ringer off and listen in.

4. Stick together. Let’s learn from each other. Plus, staying on trail together keeps you and our plants and animals safe.

5. Relax and enjoy the magic of nature at night! Are you a little afraid of the dark? We’re here to make sure you feel comfortable.