Weekday Science: Spiders Presented By Dr. Uetz

November 15, 2022 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Cincinnati Nature Center, Rowe Woods
4949 Tealtown Rd
OH 45150
Members $5; nonmembers $15 (includes daily admission).

You don’t need to like spiders to love hearing Dr. Uetz talk about them!  For many years, Dr. Uetz has inspired college students while studying the mating preferences and behaviors of a certain species of spider at Cincinnati Nature Center.  You’ll be leaning forward in your seat as he explains how he studies their behavior, communication, and sexual partner selection.  Wait ‘til you hear what happens when he shows them a video!

Dr. Uetz has worked for over four decades in the field and in the lab, earning global recognition for his research on spider communication, sensory modes, and sexual selection. As professor, researcher and past Biology department head at University of Cincinnati, he has trained many of the top arachnologists in the field today.

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